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Faust by TypicalCoyote Faust by TypicalCoyote

I will do the XP tracker once I get home tomorrow, just wanted to get this up so I wouldn't forget.
I love this boy jeez.
Will change stuff I screwed up, did this in a hurry for whatever reason :'D

Character for :iconeluawenasa:

Name: Faust
Age: 27 
Gender: Male 
Height: 36'' 
Weight: 115 lbs
Species: Grey Wolf
Scent: Very earthy, tinge of smoke
Voice: Cullen ~ Dragon Age Inquisition Click me
Orientation: Bisexual
Pack Affiliation: Aronos
Rank: Tanner

Bullet Green  Positive
Bullet Blue  Neutral
Bullet Orange Negative

Bullet Green Candid~ "I shan't tell a lie nor can I. Nothing but the truth will exit my lips."
Faust is incredibly straight forward and is unable to lie. He'll tell you like it is even if it's offensive, simply because a bit of emotional pain is better than being embarrassed or making a dire decision. In the long run, he's merely trying to help others. Superiors will get nothing but the truth from him, and should he catch one breaking the law he will go forth to the Circle.

Bullet Green Warm~ "It's alright, tell me in time what troubles you."
Although he's harsh and tends to give tough love, he genuinely cares for his pack mates. He treats just about everyone as his equal, though with the respect to their hierarchy. His ear is always there to express one's troubles, and he'll give what advice he can give. He's always willing to lend a helping paw, and often gives his own personal pelts to the less fortunate so they may stay warm in the cold. He still focuses on building wealth, but is well aware his rank won't be changing anytime soon. Thus he is generous.

Bullet Blue Loyal~ "The pack's troubles are mine, and I won't leave them."
Whether it's the pack or his family Faust will never leave them behind. He believes being a traitor is punishable by death, and looks upon mutiny with disgust. He puts many before himself, and will stand up for them in a heartbeat. He'll do his very best to stick with those he keeps close, and will never betray the pack.

Bullet Blue Easy-Going~ "Don't worry about it."
Faust seems like an aggressive beast on the outside but is truly very calm. He has his moments of course, but for the most part he gets along with everyone. All who come for pelts are greeted with a smile, sometimes even a few jokes, or a seat in his cave to share stories. Oh how he enjoys the stories of the hunters, and the radioactive berserk beasts that roam in the exotic wilds. He does best in almost any emotional environment for decent periods of time, and never seems to be stressed.

Bullet Orange Mysterious~ "Why talk about me when we can talk about you?"
Never does the Tanner freely give out information about himself that others don't already know. He cares not for rumors that circulate about him, for in his mind, as long as he knows the truth they don't matter. In a way he enjoys being the odd one, and honestly wouldn't change it. All the talk makes him feel more interesting than he actually is.

Bullet Orange Perfectionist~ "No no no..... It's not right....."
The perfectionist tanner can often be heard grumbling about imperfections here and there on pelts that no one else would notice. He will sit for hours scraping fat, realigning a stretched pelt, fixing holes, all to make sure he has a quality product. He demands only the best from himself and his craft, and will not stop until he has reached his goal. Often times he will be so focused he won't realize someone coming for a visit, or he may miss out on meals and sleep. He makes good money, but suffers here and there. When he's not busy working though he'll make up for what he missed, thus he stays in relatively good condition.

History: (I'm bad at histories shh.)
    Faust was born into a tanner's family, nowhere near nobility, but not entirely low class. His mother, Siv, had a rough pregnancy, and wasn't prepared for her first born to be quite so large. She had many complications, though upon his birth she had never looked upon something with such love. As he grew his mother and father sent him off for schooling and taught him their craft. He caught on quickly to the things he was taught, and learned the laws and rules of the pack quickly. As a pup he practiced stretching and skinning rabbits his mother brought in. They were a plentiful species, so accidentally ripping their pelts wasn't nearly as bad as shredding a caribou or ermine. Through his younger years he was often chastised for being a bit wild and goofy, he was a floppy pup to put it in short. Yeah, one of those. The ones that get into mischief at every chance. He often got off the hook for his dark looks and puppy eyes. Faust hoarded tiny trinkets he found, raised havoc against the elders with the freezing snow, and scared other pups with strange rabbit "puppets". Fortunately with age he calmed down, it was only a matter of time before he got a real punishment for being the pack terror. Through the years he matured, and when he came of age he performed the Cold Watch. He had coated himself in markings throughout the night, his mind meandering around the idea of what it meant to be an adult. When dawn broke the horizon he cleansed himself and stared at the rising sun, nervous, probably even shaking slightly. He was insanely proud of himself no doubt, but truly didn't know where to begin. He didn't see himself ever being a Hunter or Guardian, so he set back to the work he was familiar with. Upon his return he began honing his skills as a Tanner, and gained a steady confidence with each animal he preserved.
    With time he was working at a decent pace, and as a few years passed he began to lose all of the teenage attitude. Before this point he was arrogant, and thought he was the best at what he did. He started getting cocky, and grew distant from his parents and everyone else. Many avoided him, for he carried himself like a prince, and what friends he had dwindled to none. He grew poor, after all, if no one liked you who would buy your products? After the disheartening death of his mother his mind had broken from that bravado though. Siv was out searching for trinkets, preparing for the tithe. The way out was fine, but on the way back she was ambushed, and slaughtered by a crazed mutant. The family didn't know until that night, when a hunting party carried her eviscerated body back. At first Faust and his father refused to believe it, but the reality set in quickly. Siv was gone, and Faust felt something change within. He felt regret, for the first time. For months he did virtually nothing, his work dropped in quality, if he ever really tanned anything. He spoke to no one but his father, and those conversations were brief. He became a young hermit, until Leulfr, his father, decided to intervene. The older male led his son high up on the mountain, and together they sat, discussing the loss, and remembering what they had had. Sometime afterwards Faust had a spark of motivation, and today he works to make his mother proud, and his father well taken care of. He remains wary of letting others get too close, as he fears dying and leaving them in grief.

Tends to get sad when people think he's fat, he's actually very lean, the fluff just hides it.
Heterochromia in left eye only.
Bird Catcher Spots are from fur that got rubbed out.
He's massive, fluffy, and warm. Give him hugs.
Gold Paint is from Re-Opening Bonus

Lackadaisycal Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017
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seriously though he's gorgeous! Can't wait to make my Aronos character B)
TypicalCoyote Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oho you bet those cheekbones could
Thank you so much! I'm excited to see new characters. :'D
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